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Should We Use Engineering Technology to Provide Flexible Theatres?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

At ITEAC 2018* Adam addressed this issue and gave some examples from his career.

‘Athens Olympics 2004 opening ceremony took place in a stadium with an open roof above the field of play, not in itself unusual except for the additional requirements of the rings of fire (above) and the following sequence (below):

‘A giant 26m 12 tonne head, inspired by Greek sculpture through the ages, was drawn from an underwater silo in the centre of the stadium…

‘separated, and the pieces flown …

‘all over the place. We installed a cable net, 80-plus winches and created algorithms to compensate for all the reciprocal movement and were required to project high definition video content on several of the pieces. We had fire, water, children and animals… all in a three-month installation period, staggered removal, staggering budget!'

Result: a venue established, with engineering technology, within an existing Stadium.

*ITEAC 2018 – London. The International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference. The Conference is biennial, held in London every four years and New York City in alternate four years


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