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Behind the scenes:Chanel Mobile Art and Olympic Beach Volleyball

This was an art gallery, commissioned by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and designed by Zaha

Hadid Associates. Made of steel with GRP cladding, we constructed it in Yorkshire and

toured it through three cities, Hong Kong & Tokyo, in 78 sea containers. Here it is in Central Park, New York City.

It was 44m x 29m and held 300 people. It took between four and eight weeks to erect then four weeks to dismount and pack. The design period was one year and the construction period was compressed into eight months. The building itself cost £8.5 million (British Sterling) to construct and $3.5 million (US Dollars) to move and erect.

Beach Volleyball… This was part of a substantial Locog contract including The Mall sports

and St James Park Olympic infrastructure. Built entirely of scaffolding, the venue held

15,000 spectators. The installation and removal was substantially truncated due to a State

function, so we had 4 weeks to install and 3 weeks to remove. There was huge affection for

the venue, the location was a big plus but also the wide arena seating had a substantial

beneficial affect in that they were far more comfortable than your average plastic seat. I am

probably still constrained to mention the budget, but lets say it was reasonable. This was a

temporary venue built to a high standard of compliance in a heritage location with the

tightest time scales.


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