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Hong Kong – Central

Tokyo – Yoyogi Park

New York – Central Park





commissioned by Karl Lagerfeld

designed by Zaha Hadid

contractor: Stage One

project director: Adam Wildi

A mobile art container that toured the world. An homage to Chanel’s style and detailing, the pavilion housed an event space and contemporary art gallery exhibiting work by international artists including Leandro Erlich, Lee Bull and Nobuyoshi Araki.

In creating the Mobile Art Pavilion for Chanel, Zaha Hadid has developed the fluid geometries of natural systems into a continuum of fluent and dynamic space – where oppositions between exterior and interior, light and dark, natural and artificial landscapes are synthesized. Lines of energy converge within the Pavilion, constantly redefining the quality of each exhibition space whilst guiding movement through the exhibition. Hadid created an entire landscape for their work, rather than just an exhibition space. Visitors will be guided through the space using the latest digital technology developed in collaboration with artists.


“The fascination of the Mobile Art Pavilion is the challenge of translating the intellectual and physical into the sensual – experimenting with completely unexpected and totally immersive environments for this global celebration of the iconic work of Chanel I see the Pavilion as a kind of a total artwork that continually reinvents itself as it moves from Asia, to the USA and Europe,” states Zaha Hadid.

Rose Etherington


13 March 2008

©images courtesy of Stage One

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