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©2004  / Kishimoto  /IOC / NAKAMURA, Hiroyuki



Athens 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games








commissioned by ATHOC

creative director: Dimitris Papaioannou

contractor: Jack Morton Worldwide

senior technical director: Adam Wildi

The Opening Ceremony was the most theatrical and technically demanding show of its kind and is widely regarded as having raised the bar for subsequent Olympic ceremonies. Watched by 72,000 spectators and an estimated global audience of four billion.

He must consider the wind, the sun and the moon when contriving his son et lumière effects.… he cannot see a city without wondering how it would look tidied up, revitalised, lit and mic'ed, then refracted through the lenses of a thousand TV cameras… Adam is Oz, manipulating levers from behind a curtain, while out front we see the mighty Prometheus of technical progress fused with physical excellence.


Will Self on Adam Wildi

PsychoGeography #104

All the World’s a StageThe Independent 22 October 2005 

From the spectacular opening ceremony to [Sunday] night's joyous conclusion, the games in Athens have far surpassed expectations... Greece reached out far above what many people thought its capacities in its bid to return the Olympics to their native land; in the end, it rose to the occasion...


Jeff Zillgitt

USA Today

August 30, 2004

©2004  / Kishimoto / IOC / ABE,  Wataru


©2004 / Kishimoto/IOC / KISHIMOTO, Hiroyuki

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